Fulton Market, a once booming meatpacking industry from 1850 to the late 1980’s, is now highly regarded for its quality restaurants and vibrant night life. For several decades, Fulton Market was an industrial hub. It comprised of meat wholesalers, food processing and distributing plants, grocery stores, butchers, and even pelt sales. However, in the late 1980’s, an influx of restaurants and new companies slowly changed the utility of Fulton Market. You may still recognize Pioneer Meatpacking Company and Cougle Commission Company, but this area of Chicago has been almost completely reborn otherwise.

The Fulton Market neighborhood is now commonly referred to as “a foodie’s dream,” and here at Morgan’s on Fulton, we take pride in the culinary roots set a hundred years ago. This building, once used for meatpacking, now boasts of not one, but two, amazing commodities. Nodding back to those Fulton Market roots, Marvin’s Food and Fuel is one of the newest restaurants on the block. Marvin’s Food & Fuel opened in 2020 as a vibey corner restaurant, and a beacon of inclusivity, designed for those looking for something new, affordable, and comforting in the neighborhood. With a tasty American menu and as many cocktails you can drink, Marvin’s is your next night out.

Morgan’s on Fulton is a one-of-a-kind four story event venue that opened in 2014. Its classy, industrial aesthetic pays homage to the Fulton Market manufacturing past. Morgan’s on Fulton has something for everyone with its variety of unique spaces! Not only does it house Marvin’s on its first floor, but it also provides an industrial loft space, an underground lounge, and a four-season rooftop terrace with a retractable glass enclosure. Morgan’s is a one stop shop with in-house upscale catering, stylish furniture, digital projectors, and sound system set up. This creative and premier venue is perfect for cocktail parties, weddings and receptions, art shows, corporate gatherings, birthday and holiday celebrations, and more. The possibilities are endless at Morgan’s on Fulton!

The Team

Larry Brown – Co-Owner

For over 50 years, Larry Brown has been devoted to the service and hospitality industries. This New York native started his career and love for hospitality in high school while working at restaurants and has come a very long way since then. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Art Sciences, he worked as the doorman for Studio 54. Larry soon owned several nightclubs, and after moving to Chicago, he also held ownership of a high end clothing store in Watertower Place for 20 years.

Larry now owns Infocus Builders, which is a hospitality driven construction company, and brings many years of expertise to Morgan’s on Fulton as co-owner. Larry and James first met in 1985 when they owned a nightclub together, and they have been best friends ever since. Larry affectionately remembers his life and world travels and seems to have a story for nearly every situation. Our resident jokester makes work more fun, and if you’ve ever been to Marvin’s and had the pleasure of meeting him, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Larry is passionate about hospitality and values hard work, but his pride and joy is truly his family. Spending time with his four amazing children and wife of over 30 years is his favorite pass-time. 



James Geier – Owner and Founder

For over 40 years, James Geier has been a steward of entrepreneurial hospitality. The Chicago native has taken great pride in developing new businesses that leave lasting impressions.  Hospitality is the root of all successful business aspects, according to Geier.  Morgan’s was already setting the standard for private event venues when, steeped deep in the 2020 pandemic, Geier decided a vacant space in his building’s ground floor could be served better as a community gathering place.  Thus, within a matter of months he built and opened Marvin’s Food & Fuel. 

Geier’s dedication to hospitality design is further evidenced by his role as President and Founder of the South-side Chicago based hospitality design and specialty manufacturing firm, 555 International.  For the last 34 years he has led a team of industry experts in the designing and manufacturing of all the lighting, wood, metal, and custom features used in project collaborations with some of the biggest brands of our time.  Likewise, as Founder of Ol’Style, Geier helps others navigate their path in the industry by consulting on the development of big picture thinking within the real estate, retail, and hospitality fields.  A new generation of talented young entrepreneurs are also learning from Geier’s concepts and philosophies by way of a groundbreaking master’s degree program in Entrepreneurial Hospitality he helped create at Tulane University’s A. B. Freeman School of Business. 

As a lifelong arts benefactor and sculptor, Geier’s just as passionate about developing opportunities within the arts world.  His latest concept, Transfix, is an innovative, nationwide tour experience of Art, Light, Design, Sound & Technology.  Additionally, Geier’s work within the arts world has led to him to an advisory board member position with the Bock Museum at Northwestern University and also the development of The Morgan Street Art Project, providing young Chicago local artists opportunities to show and exhibit their works at a top gallery location, often for the very first time.  Geier’s devotion to the local community, industry expertise, and diverse background in the hospitality and arts fields allow him to blend unique and thoughtful narratives that transform entrepreneurial ideas into successful businesses and unforgettable, real-life experiences.


Larry Tio grew up watching the French Chef with Julia Child on PBS, which was the spark that kindled his love for classic cuisine. He spent his teens developing an appreciation for food of all levels. In his college years, Larry regularly cooked for his fraternity house mates and got his first cooking job at Irving’s For Red Hot Lovers. Larry put his cooking aspirations on the back burner for a number of years while he pursued his other passion in the entertainment industry. Even while playing in a band, he never hung up his apron. He continued to cook for friends and family through his 20’s.


When the opportunity arose to get a formal culinary education, Larry took it and attended Kendall College. Upon graduation, he spent the next decade honing his craft at venerable establishments like Le Francais and Mon Ami Gabi. Amuse bouche to desserts, dish washer to executive chef. There’s little that he hasn’t done. Larry has been at the head of several kitchens, developing menus and kitchen teams, cultivating relationships with local farmers and purveyors, and further developing his cooking style. It is a style best described as classically influenced with a palette of world ingredients.


In his spare time he likes spending time with his daughter, Malia, biking, playing guitar, and collecting music gear.

General Manager

Michael came aboard in 2021 to lead and generally manage the growing enterprise at Morgan’s on Fulton and Marvin’s Food & Fuel. His addition fortified the team with sage experience, as he has been hacking it in the hospitality industry for over a decade. He oversees all service operations for the venue and restaurant, ensuring every guest experience is nothing short of perfect.


Michael is a bona fide frag-head (i.e. fragrance connoisseur). He boasts a prodigious library of colognes and has a particular affinity for woody, green scents. He recently had a dream in which Cher told him that her favorite fragrance is Histoires de Parfums 1740 Marquis de Sade, so now that’s his favorite fragrance as well. He also loves crossword puzzles and Chihuahua puppies.

Event Sales and Marketing

Kasey has been with Morgan’s on Fulton since 2018 and has loved being a part of the venue’s evolution. Kasey has had a unique path into the event world and started her journey as a biologist turned Science Event Producer at the Field Museum. Working with people is her passion and is what drew her away from life behind a microscope. 
While not slinging clipboards and perfecting timelines, Kasey is spending time with her toddlers and renovating her historic bungalow with her husband. She also enjoys cooking, camping, cycling, watercolor painting, and making playlists (which is her love language). 

Event Sales and Marketing

Jena joined the Morgan’s on Fulton team in 2021 as Event Sales Manager.  Jena’s professional career began with The Levy Organization, and today she offers both corporate and social clients a depth of experience, creativity, and financial management to create amazing and memorable experiences. Jena is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Administration/Management.


When she is not planning and overseeing the next best event for her clients, Jena is planning her next travel adventure or delicious recipe to try.

Jack of All Trades

Jack wears many hats at Morgan’s on Fulton. Prior to joining the team, Jack was the General Manager of Fulton Market’s legendary La Sirena Clandestina. Upon La Sirena’s closing, he began studying software engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


But, just when he thought he was out (of the hospitality industry)… James pulled him back in to lead the development of Morgan’s on Fulton’s partner restaurant, Marvin’s Food & Fuel. Now, after a successful restaurant opening, he manages technology, human resources, and finances for Morgan’s and Marvin’s. One could say he is a Jack of all trades.


Jack’s extracurricular hobbies include cooking, gaming, DIY, and being a hacker.